I get there at about 8:15, hop in line after looking for my long lost compadres. After about 30 minutes or so, I spot them and cut them in line with me. Hilarity ensues. Jim's mentally challenged schtick did really offend the chick in front of us, but I don't think she got the jist behind it, which is to test women's priorities, not to mock the mentally challenged. Jim is nothing if not a sensitive guy. As if to prove that point, he ended it abruptly at her request and respectfully so. We then commenced to mock everyone else in the world.
The guy behind us that tried to educate us on Rocky was a riot. I'm totally down with fooling someone into taking us to Rocky under the premise that we are virgins. I think we'd scare the hell out of whoever we do that to. To my immense credit, I stumped Jim on a Simpsons reference. This time being a Tron reference from 3D Homer (on one of the Treehouse of Horror specials). Score one for Greg.
Post-show, nothing happened as it was a Monday. I got home, checked emails, and hit the sack and woke up just in time to get my lazy behind to work. Just another day in the life, folks. Well, last night I carted my happy ass on down to catch Bruce Campbell's latest flick "Bubba Ho-Tep". Bruce was there in person signing copies of his book, as well as whatever random crap the poor people brought for him to sign. As a public speaker, he's rather quite amusing. But then again, I had seen him do an intro for Evil Dead 2 about 3 years ago in New Jersey, and he was just as entertaining then.